This huge mammal of the ocean is a true gentle giant. The male of the species is known for its singing. The Humpbacks songs can be heard from as much as 20km away. There is still so much to learn about The Humpback, scientists still don’t know everything about them. In Latin the Humpback means The Big wing of New England.

The Humpbacks make long migrations twice a year they will travel to the polar waters to feed on krill then onto warmer tropical waters to breed and give birth and the Humpback calves are known to sing to their mothers.

When the Humpback is getting ready to dive they will arch or Hump their backs, which is how they earned their name…. Humpback, did you know a Humpbacks heart can reach 200kg in weight which is equivalent to 3 three grown men.

The humpback is a baleen whale which means it filters it’s food through its baleen. The Humpback was nearly wiped out by whaling but numbers have since risen. The conservation status of the Humpbacks are of least concern although that does not mean they are still not in trouble. They often can get hit by boats and get tangled in fishing nets.

It’s a weird and wonderful world and if it’s something that stirs your curiosity as it does me then dive in because it really does take your breath away, we humans think we are intelligent with our technology to discover ways and means of doing things but stop and think how intelligent this mammal, warm blooded gentle giant is to get from one side of the world to the other it doesn’t need any guidance like google maps like we do it just knows we’re to go and when to go I’d say that’s far more intelligent than anything any human can do.

Thank you for reading hope you have enjoyed it.

Nemo and Little Fish