We all know the last year has been exhausting in more ways than one and lots have people have used nature to relax and use the outdoors as a way of letting of steam. Sadly even after blue planet and persistent headlines that nature is fighting a war it can’t seem to win against humans across the globe people still think it’s ok to have little disregard for our natural environments and an area that is struggling the most is the oceans.

My favorite place

In summer of 2020 I became part of a team at my local dive site were I have been working with the resident course director Steve Ousby to bring more emphasis on conservation through project Aware. He was already aware of my passion through a friend of mine and had asked if I would be interested in linking up with them because our dive club Hull sub Aqua Club were already pushing the project aware Dive against Debris. So we decided during these difficult times how could we keep trying to look after the world and environment around us, and with the oceans been our favorite place a few of us took it in turns to keep our local beaches clean. So a plan in place keeping busy this is what we did. A few members got involved either keeping the beaches clean or their environment around them clean and a start was made.

Me at North Landing 💙

North landing, Flamborough

North Landing is my favorite place because it has a sentimental meaning, when I was young as a family, we spent quite a bit of time their on caravan holidays, so I do have a special reason, some places stick with you and give it meaning. Spending a few hours here chilling, collecting litter and always taking a flask is a beautiful place to relax regardless of the weather, it’s a tranquil bay and if you get the weather it’s a little bit of paradise.


Sadly on this beach we found a various amount of litter which never surprises me.

Mappleton Beach

This is also a nice stretch of beach but when the tides in on one side you can’t get down so going after the tide has gone back out you can usually bag up various amounts of different types of litter. A lot of the trash picked up here looked like it had come of ships and boats out at sea then the usual finds mostly fishing ropes and wire, did you know roughly 46% of plastics found in the oceans is fishing equipment, yet people are still unaware of this, then you get the plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, crisp wrappers the list is endless really sad to still think humans just don’t care, but then a lot gets also blown in un purposely of the land. The thing is still people under estimate the power of the sea, we had some rough weather January and February and rough seas, she decided to spit the rubbish back out at us and in a particular part of the beach the small micro plastics had gathered up in the seaweed which she spat back out and more or less said here have your rubbish back.

So walking along this large stretch of beach over the times been we have found a mixed amount of litter from plastics to fishing gear, also found dead animals like squid, birds, fish. People walk along our beaches to relax, take their dogs for walks and look at how beautiful it is but fail to hear the oceans roar HELP ME I’m in trouble. Only if you appreciate the oceans vastness and what she does for all life you understand the need to protect her.

Six beaches were done in total and these are just glimpses of various bits found. The most of our finds is fishing rope and netting along with plastics. Animals get trapped in the netting and if out at sea there chances will be slim unless lucky enough for a boat to come along and free them. Plastic was the second big find large and small pieces and the very tiny pieces. The plastic bottles eventually breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces and the animals mistake them for food. Eating the plastic stays in their stomachs making them feel full so that will stop them eating making them starve.

Beaches done we’re Bridlington, Barmston, Mappleton, Fraisthorpe, Withernsea and Flamborough. Sadly usually within seconds of been on the beach you come across traces of us the human species, we leave our mark everywhere we go, we are nature’s constant battle and we are still not understanding how very important nature is to us all. It does make me feel sad and annoyed but I know if I continue to pursue what I’m doing and every piece of rubbish we have picked up is not going back into the ocean some good is been done and it’s the next generations coming through that it’s so important we as collective groups and individuals strive to protect not just one part of nature but all of nature. I do it because it’s something I deeply care about and respect because I understand it’s importance and it’s value, if we can educate people this then more can begin to care because it’s just simple ….. it matters to all life on earth, we are all animals, we are all part of one big eco-system, we are not at the top but mixed in with it, we are no less or more important than any other species and that’s something else humans need to understand. My advice keep doing your bit if you are, share your ideas and passion and if it matters to you and no-one else don’t let them make you think differently as hard as that is sometimes. We are living in a very confusing world, a very fragile world and a minority don’t want it to change but a majority do that’s the difference.

I want to Thank all my diving friends and family for the support behind me and the people that help me, in particular Jakkie Dainty and Steve Ousby, we all need a back bone and people to lean on sometimes.

The oceans are an amazing part of the planet, a sanctuary, a hobbie, a place to love and a part of the planet we should be grateful for I know I am.🌏💙🌊

Thankyou for reading


The future is for little fish my grandson🐠 another reason to strive to make his world better protecting what you love.

For EZRA 🌊⚓️❤️ may you find peace in a crazy world and live to love what you do..