Come and join us on 17th July for Womenโ€™s Dive Day At Scuba Dream & Eight Acre Lake.


More women are learning to dive and we encourage and have plenty of female divers and instructors at Scuba Dream below reasons why women Dive.

Joanne Southard… Staff instructor… amazing and mentally relaxing from everyday stresses, loves the feeling of weightlessness.

Bexx Louise Bullock…mindfulness, being underwater takes you out of your own head.

Kathleen Lloyd-Bradford … escapism and relaxation.

Jackie Dainty…peacefulness of another world, weโ€™re time slows down and your overawed by the beauty below.

Claudia Hayward… marine biology student at Hull university …. new open water diver started diving to gain experience in something new and to be able to explore first hand the marine environments she is so passionate about.

Laura Gowan….I learnt to dive after snorkeling in Mexico and deciding to get over my fear of water so I could swim with turtles and sharks

Alison Mawson…Its like another world under the water and I feel so privileged to be able to share it with marine life especially when they choose to share a dive with me the diver. I’d shake fins with a seal every day if I could.

Gem Fox…..So I learned to dive to swim with sharks, and to explore a tranquil world that most people will never see

Nemo… A curiosity and passion for the blue world and wondering if the bottom of the ocean took you to space is the reason I learned to dive