The oceans are full of many wonderful, weird and amazing creatures and even still puzzles my mind. The vastness and the openness that appeals to me and the way it can change at an instant. I remember going on a school trip to Robin hoods bay when I was 11 or 12 and walking around the rock pools been fascinated with all the little crabs and strange looking creatures that called the watery world their home.

View down to the bay

As I got older I began to see the world for what it truly is as a child your unaware to the bigger problems as you begin to care you understand more. For decades the oceans have been a hidden secret to what has been going on, out on the high seas, the corruption, people been killed, the rape of the seas with the fish stocks, the thousands upon thousands of animals that die and go unnoticed to millions, governments working with ulterior motives to keep things quiet all because the money, the money that has blood on its hands and the greed of the people with no conscience is deemed more important.

For me Fishing is by far the cruelest, the way itโ€™s caught thousands caught in nets, then the slow painful death because they have been taken out the water, left on ship deck to suffocate, then the fishermen if the fish is unlucky and not already dead he will go to cut up whilst itโ€™s still breathing, we are not compassionate in our respect towards other species we deem as food, people go about there daily business and maybe heading to the supermarket or the chip shop for their lunch, probably wonโ€™t even give this a thought but to me itโ€™s what it had to endure to get on your plate.

I love watching fish swim, itโ€™s there graceful nature how they just glide through the water I prefer to watch them rather than eat them. Unless something is on your doorstep or in your face you wonโ€™t give it a thought, when you purchase that steak or piece of salmon another creature that can have a painful life especially if itโ€™s farmed salmon, you maybe donโ€™t think that at the beginning it was a life, it mattered and now all itโ€™s been deemed as is food.

I care deeply about my surroundings, the oceans, it fascinates me but itโ€™s about making it better for the next ones coming along, how we can bring in positive changes and do our best to get everyone working together to push for the same goals.

Everything Iโ€™ve learnt has to be in moderation by this I mean by everything having its equal balance, if there is no equal balance this is how problems arise. This is what is happening with our planet and our oceans everything is out of balance, we are taking to much of one thing and not understanding itโ€™s value because we take it for granted that itโ€™s always going to be there but this is the wrong attitude because nothing is limitless, everything has itโ€™s tipping point, the stress bucket has been so full for so long that now it is tipping over so itโ€™s up to us who are here now to try and help the new generations coming through that for them to have a better future we all need to try more now. Itโ€™s important because it matters for everyone on this ship ….. EARTH.

Itโ€™s in our own hands

I always dedicate my blogs to the many people behind me but for my grandson and the new one on the way Iโ€™d like to think it will be better for their tomorrow than it is for mine today.

Myself and little fish