Not all hero’s were capes…. they were masks snorkels 🌏🌊🐠

Saturday 17th July marks the 7th Annual Women’s Dive Day Event. Diving used to be male dominated sport but it’s not anymore. The world has changed and more women are seeking what they want to do for themselves and diving is becoming more and more popular.

It has become a global event now and it’s a way of celebrating how women are standing up not only for themselves but for the salty blue world our oceans and sharing a desire with others to want to protect it.🌊

Diving is one of the most amazing challenging but rewarding things you can learn. It gives you freedom and peace, a place to forget about everything that happens above water, down below your at peace within yourself and your free.

WOMENS dive day at Scuba Dream we are passionate about encouraging female divers and I have spoken to a few of our female divers to let them share their thoughts and feelings and why they wanted to dive.

Jackie Dainty on the right best friend without her cooking expertise Divers would go very Hungry. She runs our cafe Nemo’s Den in her words Diving to her means Peacefulness of another world, time slows down and I am overawed by the beauty of life under the water πŸ πŸŒŠπŸ’™

Above is Joanne Southard. Joe as we call her is one of our Staff instructors and good friend and in her words diving is amazing and mentally relaxing from every day stresses and loves the feeling of weightlessness🐠🌊🌏

Bexx is above she is a Open Water Scuba Instructor and good friend. In the words of Bexx diving is Mindfulness, being underwater takes you out of your own head.🌏🐠🌊