SO whilst in lock down i decided to share information on some of my favourite marine animals. wow day 5 of the turtles 2 to go, Today its the Hawks bill sea turtle. These turtles are strikingly beautiful they have intricately patterned translucent scutes,but sadly they have been poached to decorate jewelry and luxury items.The hawksbill is critically endangered.These turtles weigh between 100 to 150 pounds so they are not very big only grow to around 45 inches in shell length. These turtles has babies have a heart shaped shell as in the picture above.Its head is quite pointed and looks like a beak.These turtles swim in tropical waters of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans they do not like deep water. They like to eat sea urchins, fish, jellyfish but fall prey to bigger fish, sharks and crocodiles and YES HUMANS. Millions of these turtles were killed for their stunning shell and the shell trade got banned in 1993 but sadly their is still illegal trade. Accidental capture in fishing nets, digesting plastics,poaching of eggs, coastal development, raising ocean temperatures is all adding to their battle for survival. Hawks-bills are protected under the CITIES LAW.

Tip 5 Think of you can reduce your carbon footprint coral reefs are vital to these turtles so ocean temperatures need to be kept in balance, enjoy, protect 

These animals are graceful solitary animals been here longer than us and we really should take more effort into looking after them they matter.

Education is the tool that can change the world