Divers…Tom Buckley, Nicky Smedley, Stu Jacketts, Andy Cullum, Chris Dixie, Ana Cowie. The Date 25th August 2019, Air Temp nice warm 32 degrees, Water Temp roughly around 20 Degrees. Time in 11.45am and time out 13.13pm. DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS MAKING EVERY DIVE COUNT.

Our Dive Day had arrived and as a club we were all excited alot of work had gone into the project aware dives creating awareness to raise awareness for our blue world. We hoped they would be a few people on the beach and youngsters to get them also involved in a land beach clean but wow what a turnout the beach was packed.

We got the gazebo set up all the work of Stu, tom and sue. We put all our equipment and information here so people could come talk to us and ask us questions about what were doing. We also had a table with information on about ways in which people can input change and help the environment and the oceans creating positive changes.

We were lucky to have a diver from living seas just down the road she is the waste pollution officer so was great to talk to her and get involved share information.


Also a special mention to Diver Chris Dixie who used his own time to make this sign that we are going to put up at the beach with hopefully some litter bins. This sign is actually made out of old kitchen worktops so yes its been RECYCLED WHICH IS FAB. It amazes and disgusts me that humans still think its ok just to throw litter on the floor or in an environment were it will cause harm so a huge THANK-YOU CHRIS.


Seeing the amount of people sounded alarm bells in my head and it was LITTER were is it all going to end up? Will they pick up after themselves?How much will go in the sea. The project aware programme is made to work with the ocean community and help raise awareness for the oceans of the world. There is really only one world ocean but divided due to our seven continents. People think you must be mad picking other peoples trash up, its not about that its about understanding the complexity of our oceans, why we want to protect them from the hands of man. The animals in the ocean do not have a voice those of us that care do we understand the bigger picture. The water covers 70 percent of our planets surface but gets barely noticed. It gives us the oxygen we need to survive, regulates the climates temperature yet treated as THE BIG TRASH CAN.

In we went to see how much human impact had affected the under water world. The ability to go under the waves makes you appreciate topside more you get a better understanding how the planet works. We set to work scouring the seabed, the visibility was great. Looking out at the ocean people associate the water as blue as we descended our world turned green, beneath it was big white rocks, with massive kelp you could actually swim through. SADLY it wasn’t long before we found litter lying amongst the seaweed and kelp. Swimming around we saw a few fish Pollock,whiting wrasse, plenty of crabs and one conger eel pretty much what we saw on our first debris dive.

The day was very busy and safety was paramount due to all the other activity on the water canoes,jet skies(hate them) children in the water and be aware of the life above us whilst trying to preserve below. So continuing with our clean each diver found something then we all stumbled on a huge anchor that was on the seabed full of rust, there was rope coming from it so tom took his knife out and eventually managed to cut the rope, WHY may you wonder why we cut the rope well it was just hanging loosely and would eventually caused some harm or trap wildlife. thoughts run through my head underwater what a really awful race we are that we do not respect or want to look after what we have and the harm that as a species we are inflicting on nature. We set off again and ventured into a cave had a wander round all the time Im carrying the rope so stew signals me to go over and what felt like 5 minutes trying to push this rope into our debris bag i could hear myself laughing behind my regulator struggling to push this rope into his debris bag we tussled and tussled and eventually it went in but was quite funny looking back.

The Rope we took out

One of my favourite things whilst underwater other than watching the life is looking up and watching the sun come shimmering through the water. We spent over an hour in the water looking round to see what impact us humans were having on our part of the world we loved. Although we only removed a few items and a large piece of rope the fact that they found their way in there which still sends out a alarm bell that the message still needs relaying to people that our ocean is NOT giant bin, its a home to an extraordinary variety of life to which we are all dependant on, everything connects us to the sea, we all need oxygen to breathe and water to drink, take the dolphins and whales they need the water to live in but have to pop out the water to breath the air we breathe.

Although we found trash Tom was adamant he was going back in to find the other shoe to the one he came out with wanted to give his granddaughter a pair of sandals (lol) but considering the state of the shoe he found it may not have gone down well .;-))). We got out of the water feeling very pleased with ourselves and our good deed was done now to let the people of flamborough know of our intentions and hope it will go down well.

We decided to get a few of the children on the beach to do a land beach clean and went down very well. The girls managed to collect 2 big bagful’s of litter of the beach which eventually could have ended up in the wrong place. Teaching them responsibility at an early age and respect I believe is very important its the only way we have any chance of anything been able to change anything for the better.

Well done girls collecting your beach trash

Our day went swimmingly well…… pardon the pun, but we and I must not forget it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all our family and friends that support what we do and the hours we spend under water. To Tom and stu thank you for your continued support in my addiction to the water world, to Sue who made us lunch, to Chris who made our sign, to poppy for keeping us entertained with her flirting and a huge Thank you to our family’s that came with us to support our day. Everything has to work together for anything to be successful and its the same for our planet and our oceans.