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Fish out of Water…..

As this week is Mental Health Awareness week and my passion is the underwater world I wanted to share how diving has helped me with my own personnel struggles.

Through all my problems I always knew diving was a place I could truly forget the World above and everything troubling me, feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and suffocating like a fish out of water the diving always helped me.

Mental Health sucks, it’s hard and if you’ve had difficulties beyond what you think you can cope with it’s a minute to minute struggle to push your way through. Everyone’s problems are personnel to them, everyone copes differently. The stigma behind Mental Health still exists but not as bad as it used to be people are beginning to understand that people need help and there is no shame to it, in-fact it’s a sign of great strength to know that when you feel like you cant fall any deeper than you are and you know you need help and make that step your over the first hurdle you’ve already made a huge step.

The best way I can explain how diving helps is the peace in the mind it gives you. Diving for me is my sanctuary, my church, my safe place were I know I’m safe, nothing can get to me.

Diving puts your mind in a me-dative state of mind, it relaxes you, takes you out of your own mind, takes you away from yourself, I knew here my monsters couldn’t get to me. All the thoughts and emotions I was having underwater disappeared it’s like a light switch turning off for however long I would be under for nothing else exists other than there and now. I’m free from everything in another world, a peaceful world, all you hear is your own breathing and your floating through the water, under the water I’m free from what’s chasing me on land.

The last few years and the emotions I have felt and dealt with has been the worst time of my life a pain that has been so overwhelming too painful I never though I would see the other side but I am seeing it.

I’m not ashamed to say only a few months ago I got to a very dark place I knew I had to reach out for help and I did, the place I was in I don’t want to go back too, with the support of the mental health people and those closest to me I started to feel better, I needed me back and because of all the help I’m writing this now.

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out for help that’s what it’s there for, it’s not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength and it takes a lot to pick yourself up when you can see no light and no way out.

I spent many hours in bed with my dog, pal, buddy best friend away from the world, I knew I was going downward but part of me did not care, part of me knew I needed help.

I count my self very lucky because I’ve had a good support network behind me with family and friends and without them I don’t know how I would have got through it to them I’m truly grateful, my children, grandchildren, parents, friends everyone has played a role in making me stronger and happier.

Advice …. If your struggling reach out, take the help it’s maybe just what you need.

Thank you to everyone. I love you all