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The question is always Is plastic bad?? Well no it’s not bad it’s what we do with it and attitudes towards it.

If plastic is used and disposed of correctly then no but thrown into the environments and left to rot then yes it causes harm.

Single use bottles are used every single day, did you know in the United Kingdom alone we generate around 5 million tonnes of plastic each year and that includes around 15 million single use plastic bottles. It takes one tonne of plastic to make 20,000 plastic bottles. When you buy a plastic bottle 90% of the cost of this bottle comes from making the plastic itself, to produce each plastic bottle takes the equivalent of filling 1/4 of the bottle with oil, producing plastics also uses an enormous amount of fossil fuels around 8% of the worlds oil production.

Single use bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate or common name PET or PETE.

We see the bottles everywhere and they are clogging our natural environments, they end up on streets, nature reserves and in our oceans and once in there that’s when they are dangerous for ALL wild and marine life

It’s also not advisable to keep using the bottle it is literally designed as single use and this reason is because of the chemicals that’s in the plastic. In the natural environments the degrade and fall apart and once entering the oceans can stay there floating in the currents getting bashed about then breaking apart into small pieces causing grave damage to the animals that call the ocean their home.

Turtles are affected badly because of plastics. Even though now people are starting to make better choices and use there own refillable bottles it’s is still a huge problem there is still a lot to be done to help people understand this is a serious problem but also people need to understand their connection to the ocean and the natural environments because it’s vital to all life not just humans.

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