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Complex life …… 🐠🌏🌊🦈

The oceans are a intricate balance of many different eco-systems but are all interconnected. Once people can understand that as complex as it is it’s important to all of us that this system stays in balance and it will benefit us all.

Currently us as a species seem to want to create as much havoc as possible in our oceans and in our environments without wanting to see that as we keep stripping these systems that support life for all we are only causing harm to ourselves and future generations.

The best way to explain is imagine you have a computer everything is needed in order for it to work, if you take one of those components out it will not work as well or at all, it’s exactly the same.

Everything in the ocean has its purpose and some of the most Iconic species are facing their biggest threats ever! take sharks and turtles these are under the biggest threats never known to us before, turtles are considered a keystone species and taking these out of the system everything starts to collapse. Sharks play a crucial role in the oceans eco-system and although people think they are the apex predator in the ocean, actually their only the apex predator on the reefs they swim on out in the open water they lose that status because of the huge threats to them from many different dangers like Humans, fishing, shark finning and pollution and then their is the orca, they are the wolf of the sea and sharks will keep away from them hence their name wolf of the sea, the orcas hunt the sharks for their livers it’s the only bit they like.

Anything living in the ocean is part of a huge food chain and as a human YOU are the visitor and should give the watery world respect we have little right to be in their unlike the creatures that call it their home.

Looking after the oceans and protecting them helps for the future and helps everything on earth.

It’s estimated that 90% of all of the big fish are gone like sharks, grouper, tuna two thirds of the global fishing industry is gone, for everything we take out we’re putting little back and each time we remove something we are chipping away at the eco-systems that are working to support the life that lives on them and the support it gives to all life on earth.

The living soup is in trouble ignorance is easier. Everything has its limits or an end and over in particular the last 50 years our activities have had a catastrophic impact on our oceans. It’s a long road and a never ending one but we must keep challenging governments, policy makers, businesses, organisations to implement change and keep pushing for better decisions to be made.

Thank you for reading, my fight to protect the oceans continues but also to make a better world for my children and grandchildren who I love incredibly they are the sunshine of the future/

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