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Nemo’s World

I’m Nemo🐠 I love and have a passion for our oceans, that doesn’t mean I love anything else any less, my family children and grandchildren are the backbone of me, they drive me.
The ocean to me means life, given that it covers just over 70% of our planets surface why shouldn’t we learn about it, I love what she stands for, what she means because without it this planet would be so very different, been able to understand what the ocean means gives you more perspective about everything.

In this mad crazy world we live in each one of us has a role to play we can choose to ignore it or utilise it, what ever your good at have a passion for do it, my purpose is to love the ocean and share its history and meaning in the hope one day more people will understand just how important it is….. e🐟🐠🌏🤿🌊💙🐢

Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms.


To my grandchildren, I love you

Love is…..