29th October 2021 0 Comments Uncategorised

Red Sea…. kind of magic, chapter 1

The ocean is the essence of life, their is a hidden world below. The sea is the spirit of life on earth that provides the very life source needed for all life to survive.

We as a species are killing the ocean, we are taking more and more out of the ocean with the expectation that it will always provide for us well this is not the case. If we left the ocean for a while and let it bounce back there would be enough for all species not just us.

Spending a week in the Red Sea was a mixture of many emotions excitement, trepidation, wondering what to expect, will it be as you see in videos other people have done, is it full of all the ocean species you hope for.

Like the rest of the global oceans it hasn’t escaped Us and how our lifestyles are impacting the watery world we so depend on for life on earth.

The temperature has slightly dropped most people think it doesn’t matter but in fact it’s huge because it impacts everything.

I actually expected to see more than I did but that’s not to say I was disappointed far from it, lots of highs, my frustrations were signs of coral bleaching, litter in the depths, surface litter, frustrations of not been able to get to it good to know the Egyptian government are pushing conservation for people connected to the ocean.

A beautiful world beneath the thin blue line and wish more people could SEA it, the greatness may be more to want to help look after it.

Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms 🌏💙

To my grandchildren you are the future may it be better for you.