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Nemo’s Cop 26 🌏

Sunday marks the start of Cop26 in Glasgow, the leaders this year are U.K. and Italy.

This is we’re our leaders of the world are coming together to put plans in place to try and better protect our environments.

A lot of focus on this one is going to be on the Ocean and it needs to be.

If we want to slow down global warming and climate change it’s really very simple but US HUMANS ARE STILL NOT ADDING THE DOTS TOGETHER….. it’s LOOK AFTER THE OCEAN, the ocean IS the carbon sink of the planet it’s suffering because of what we are putting in it and taking out of it which is having a detrimental effect on how we live on earth.

The oceans surface covers just over 70 % of the planets surface, she IS THE CLIMATE REGULATOR BUT SHE ISNT ABLE TO DO WHAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO DO because of how we are treating her.

We overfish, dump our sewage and trash in her, we are ignorant to how we live on the land as to how it effects the ocean. Our pristine environments that are left are suffering, coral bleaching as ocean temperatures rise all effects the whole system and if the world could understand it’s complexity the dots would connect.

Farming and agriculture run of from the land enters the ocean, streams and rivers are polluted which lead to the oceans all of this effects the mechanics and complexity of how the ocean works.

So looking at all this it’s not hard to see why our planet is changing and suffering only by been accountable as decent human beings, campaigning for policy change, putting pressure on the people that make the decisions that are supposed to represent us can we hopefully get better plans going forward.

Does the world frustrate me ?….. Yes

Do I feel like I’m on a losing battle?… sometimes!

Do I feel I’m been ignored? ….. all the time

Then why do I do it? …….. because I CARE

AND THE PEOPLE THAT KNOW ME understand this it’s about been a seed of change and causing a ripple effect because you truly never know if you’ve made a difference but if you have to one it’s better than none.

Protect the ocean I am your breathe, your wind, your rain, your storms 💙

Thanks for reading🐟🤿


To my grandchildren your the future