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Aware Week 2021 At Scuba Dream …. Eight Acre Lake

We are a 100% aware Dive site and top of our agenda is helping people not only to teach them the best diving courses but to help them understand and want to leave with a better understanding of our oceans more now than ever before but to also engage them with the marine and wildlife in the oceans.

We all know our oceans are in need of help so there is really no better place to put this all together.

This Aware week and As Padiaware Foundation are pushing the new blue print for the ocean we decided to put Sharks and marine Debris at the top of our Focus.

We picked a selection of sharks and rays and decided to Start with the fastest shark in the ocean which is the Mako Shark.

Day 1 of #awareweek #padiawareweek highlighting #vulnerablespecies. Here we have the short fin mako shark or also called blue pointer or bonito shark. It is the largest of the mackerel sharks. This shark is the fastest shark in the ocean. Global awareness is been ramped up for these sharks as there is huge decline due to overfishing, hunting, sport fishing, finning. #padiawarefoundation have been campaigning for more protection of this shark.

Sharks are in massive decline mostly because of us and our attitudes towards them, people fear what they don’t know or understand that is a human action, but it just takes a little time and understanding to know they are not monsters.

This aware week spread the word and love for the ocean, she is all our life, she is our breath, our wind, our storm

love the ocean for I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storm.

PADI AWARE Foundation Day 2 of aware week and day two highlighting vulnerable species.
The Great Hammerhead elegant and graceful as they glide through the water, it’s a shame people have given sharks an undeserved reputation. Sharks do not seek humans as food but one thing people must understand if you choose to step into their home you choose to take the risk of encountering species that live in the blue world.
Did you know!!!! Majority have sharks have not bitten a human…. educate yourself, understand their complexity and respect their world after all they were here before us.

Day 3 again time to shout out again for the unprotected.

Day3 #padiawareweek vulnerable species, protecting the unprotected, Oceanic white tip also can be known as brown mulberry’s sand bar shark or seadog. They are a stocky set animal. Gets its name from the white tips on their dorsal, pectoral and tail fins. This shark never stops moving. Sadly because of their fins they are high targets. Jack Cousteau described these as one of the most dangerous of sharks but it’s not Humans are far more lethal to sharks now. They could outwit a fishermen, have a cute senses they are truly a master piece by nature

Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms.

Day 4 and pushing the sharks is a must because of all their vulnerability. A healthy ocean needs sharks if you like them or not but with the mindset to understand the ocean is their home.

It’s a Basking shark day for Day 4 protecting the unprotected shouting out for vulnerable species. Second largest fish in the ocean. They get their name from been slow swimmers reaching a speed of 2-5 mph as they bask in the sun most likely on the British west coast.
Threat is humans and they are a vulnerable species. Graceful gentle giants

Ocean… I am your breath, your wind, your storm I am life…..💙🌏🦈❤️🌊🐟🤿

Day 5 of #padiaware week and still a focus on vulnerable species Sharks and rays. It’s eagle ray day a cartilaginous fish. The eagle of the ocean with long like wings stretching over 7 feet…. hard to believe when you try to imagine.
They swim along the bottom of the ocean in search of food. They use their large rostrum nose to sense crabs, clams. Snails and other food. They have powerful jaws and flat teeth to grind their food.
They can soar effortlessly through the air, often swim in schools common in warm waters such beautiful amazing animals.
Animals in the ocean are built for the ocean.
Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, rain and storms. They are incredibly beautiful.

Eagle ray

Day 6 of PADI AWARE Foundation #PADIAwareWeek and this one is, The giant of the Oceans and it really does deserve its title it’s the biggest shark and biggest fish, it can measure up to 20 metres long it’s body is large in the middle area and thins of at the tail. It has two small eyes on the front. It has a large mouth and inside has 300-350 rows of teeth although it is a filter feeder. They inhabit waters in the latitudes between 30 degrees north and 35 degrees south in countries like Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, south Africa, Australia and the Philippines. Their main food is plankton but do like krill, jellyfish, sardines, anchovies, mackerels, squid and crabs. It is one of the most fickle species of shark and poses no threat to Humans it is also AN INTELLIGENT ANIMAL THAT CAN DEMONSTRATE AN ABILITY TO LEARN. Whale shark females do deliver live young pups but not yet is known about the breeding patterns of the Gentle Giant of the sea and definitely one that’s on my bucket list isn’t it beautiful❤️
Amazing creatures💙🌏🌊🐠
Conservation comes from education🌊

Whale Shark

Day 7. PADI AWARE Foundation #AWAREWeek

Another beautiful creation of Nature the guitar shark. Although it’s got the term shark in it it’s not actually a Shark, it belongs to the family of rays, it’s fins and the shape of it make it look like a shark. The guitar sharks are found in the Indian pacific region and from South Africa to the Red Sea. Sadly like most animals land and sea they are endangered and yes sadly it’s our attitudes, behaviours and lack of respect that is causing all wildlife species to disappear. Their a beautiful animal deserve our recognition and protection, these guys are totally harmless to people …. as most sharks are it’s just the lack of education that turns them into villains you know…….. their NOT I’d say learn yourself, understand them and the need to respect them 🦈🌏
Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms… Nemo 🐠🤿🌏

Guitar Shark

Day 8 of @padiaware week and today I’ve mixed it up wanted to talk about overfishing and it’s serious implications on ocean Health. We know our oceans are in trouble and on the brink but what a lot of people still don’t fully realize because it gets overlooked is OVERFISHING. You may want to believe this or not but it is we’re the biggest amount of poaching happens out on the oceans, unless your willing to learn and understand why this is a problem not only for the oceans having no fish but all the other things that are connected to fishing how having no fish in the sea will have long term implications.

These implications are how it will effect everything in the long term
1, fishermen and their livelihoods

2, either dropped accidentally or left because of laziness discarded fishing equipment pollutes the oceans.

3, Endangered species get harmed in the fishing equipment been used causing injury or in some cases Death

4,Restaurant’s maybe have to take fish of the menu due to species loss

5, Sales of Fish in supermarkets May start to disappear as no fish to catch.

6, Recreational fishing would be affected.

7, Tourism could also be impacted no different fish to try going on holiday, overfishing can degrade entire ecosystems within the ocean. It affects the growth of fish and even how fast they can reproduce. The imbalance of predators and prey erodes the food web. Plus, habitats are obliterated due to the various methods of capture, like trawling and blast fishing.

The ocean is an interconnected web and if one thing disappears it has a domino effect on everything else in the oceans, the oceans provide everything we need but animals, eco-systems the way fish is fished is having a detrimental impact on how the oceans are clinging on in today’s world, a modern world, in world in which we could be so much better at what we do but choose not too. Stand for the oceans and protect what protects us. To love the ocean you have to understand it, what it means what it’s worth is how much we need her.
Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms

Today is the last day of @padiaware week, the week has been a week of speaking up for the ocean, for its complex eco-systems, its life beneath it and what the ocean stands for and means for life on earth.

No ocean no us no water no life and that is simply why we have been using the power of voice and social media, beach cleans, river cleans, pond cleans because all water matters but also to highlight everything important about the oceans.

To have a sustainable planet a balanced planet it’s important that future generations are taught about the most amazing place on the planet the next place which would be amazing is space but the ocean is earths space, we can go in it and explore it more so now than years ago, we have the technology to be able to help the curious minds understand what’s going on beneath and the more they learn the better it is in the future to protect the blue beating heart.

So to everyone who loves the ocean keep shouting out for her she is nature herself because she gives us everything we need to survive and thrive.

It doesn’t have to be an #awareweek to shout out I do it all the time, there are-various ways in which you can support ocean conservation, love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms…. Nemo 🐟🐠💙🌏

Hope this gives you some information on just a pin prick of how many species of sharks and rays they are in the ocean, everyone needs support if we are to have an healthy ocean.

Thank you for reading

Nemo and the Scubadream Team, Eight Acre Dive Centre, North cave.