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I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms. I give you life with element needed for your kind to thrive on earth our planet we share together.

The magic element covers just over 70% of the planets surface.

I matter to all life but your kind, human kind is hurting me, the name human kind confuses me as some are not kind.

Your hurting me and my creatures, their home. I used to have an abundance of weird and wonderful creatures in my world but your species is taking them from me.

How can I help your kind understand if you keep taking the life out of me and filling me with the horrible plastic stuff humanity and my world will die, I will not be able to give humanity what it needs to thrive.

I will dry up, no creatures, no life…. but if you learn to love me, protect me, look after me your and my future will be so much better.

My salty water and all my eco systems will keep earth Blue and green how it’s supposed to be.

I support Humanity will you support me.
I am your home💙


Life in the ocean supports all life on earth yet their is no support system in place for generations to learn now. It saddens me that the next generations are having to be so focused on the academic side of life and learning rather than been outside engaging with the natural world.

Children learn by play and touch, use their senses. They seem to have lost the capacity now to let children get out in nature and let them learn about the world around them, I’m a big believer in that this should change.

Conservation comes from education a wish I have for the future the it changes because I believe this is a large tool that can be used to help attitudes towards creating a better future.

Thanks for reading

Nemo, Big fish, little fish.