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At one with the ocean, Blue connection ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿคฟ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿฆˆ


The ocean still remains earths final frontier, in a world weโ€™re we have mapped the land the ocean still remains the most unexplored part of the planet. The strange, weird and wonderful world below has so much to still offer and tell us if we as a species gain the understanding we so need for it to look after us all. The ocean as any diver or anyone thatโ€™s loves it will say to you itโ€™s open to all no discrimination, no boundaries doesnโ€™t matter about height, weight, gender, ethnicity if you want to see it you can.

All of us are connected to the ocean when you actually think about it we are born of the ocean because each human life before it is born begins in water in the womb which is almost the same make up as ocean water believe it or not.

Did you know a month old embryo grows fins first not feet!!!.

Did you also know at 5 weeks a fetusโ€™s heart has two chambers a characteristic shared by fish, and did you know Human blood has a chemical composition similar to that of seawater.

The ocean is a different world with its own rules, if respect isnโ€™t given she will rule . The ocean requires a different mindset to understand it.

Animals that live in the ocean have adapted to that world and have extra senses to help them communicate and navigate.

The ocean, sea creatures and us have a connection and believe it or not share a great connection and DNA which when you think is quite fascinating. Most of the ocean is a desert and remains unknown a lot because of its dark and sunless realms.

We have a lot to thank the ocean for and this I continue to highlight and especially because every second breath we take comes from the ocean algae, the plants in the ocean that use the suns energy giving of oxygen as the by product enabling life on earth, without that life wouldnโ€™t work and we wouldnโ€™t be here.

Another amazing thing about the ocean is coral and the way it telepathically talks to each other because every year around the same time they spawn in perfect synchronicity.

Something I find fascinating is how our planet works it blows your mind wondering how everything knows what to do when, weโ€™re to go weโ€™re they need to be when, how animals can navigate around the ocean in darkness for us to navigate we need light to see. Thinking about all this does it not tell you how intelligent other species we share the planet with are, yet we still believe us the human are the more superior, something I would never agree with. These animals have an intelligence much higher than ours, different to ours they have an understanding of the world far better than we do thatโ€™s intelligence on a much higher scale.

The ocean will continue to kiss the shore, the sun will go down and come back up but for us as a species to continue only our attitudes can provide a better future and secure it for future generations.

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