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WOMENS DIVE DAY…. New Beginnings one woman’s Story

Vicky Ellis
Gem and Vicky

At Scuba Dream we celebrate Vickys Huge Effort of over coming her anxiety due to some difficult challenges. Vicky recently passed her open water and is now a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER.

Vickys Diving Journey has started by been taught by one of our Awesome PADI OPEN WATER Instructors Gem Fox.

Vickys story is special because she never believed in herself. She suffered greatly with anxiety especially after losing her parents within six weeks of each other. Vicky knew she had to set herself a challenge so she decided to learn to dive, prove to herself life can carry on even in your darkest moments hope is out there, she got that in diving. She never thought her head would dip beneath the surface and hold the PADI flag but she has and after speaking to Vicky after passing in her words Vicky said …..”Diving has made me feel accomplished, relaxed and given me the ability to switch off”

Diving offers something to the mind I don’t think anything else can, it’s the feeling of been out of yourself which in turn rejuvenates you when you come back to the surface…… Nemo🐠

Thank you for reading Vickys story.


Little fish

It’s for the little people to make their future brighter 🐠