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Earth Day

April 22nd 2021, 51 years and Earth day is here. We have just had what every one would say the worst year of our lives and a little light is starting to appear. Around 1 billion people across the globe in 192 countries will celebrate earth day today. Earth day is about celebrating this amazing rock we live on and what we need to do to make more people understand why we need to look after her.

2020 has been a very exceptional year not in a good way because the entire globe has had something new to deal with which has literally rocked the world and shaken it up, we have been in a global pandemic something most of us have ever experienced in our entire lives. A virus that originally started in China and worked its way around the globe. The places around the world are easier to get to now especially with international travel and this silent killer that has claimed the lives of over 3 million and still rising has not yet fully been eradicated.

Our beautiful planet is mostly blue with a bit of green and why? Because just over 70 percent of our planets surface is water, the Blue heart of our planet, the water that provides every living thing the element needed for life to thrive on earth without it we just simply wouldn’t be here. That sacred element water in which is filled with various eco-systems with countless animals that depend upon it to live. The oceans for many years have had their waves of anger ignored, we continue to pollute her in every imaginable way we can, we strip the oceans of its many varieties of fish that call it their home, an estimated 100 million seabirds die each year, the three big species shark, Tuna and grouper are so heavily fished, caught as bycatch and sharks hunted for fins are near on extinct because belief is the OCEAN IS TO BIG TO SUFFER, this ignorance is what needs to change. As a conservationist, Activist and simply caring the world feels a dark place with all its challenges a lot of days but they strength comes in unity and I’m reminded how many different people are trying to help people see our beautiful world in the way we see it, it’s not just rock and rubble it’s a world full of beauty, diversity, beautiful people trying to make it a better place for next generations coming through.

The biggest thing I would like people to try and understand is that everything is equal, we are all one Human and animal, we’re all on earth trying to do the same thing which is to survive that one is not greater than the other. People have realised more this last year that nature and been outside is important for healthy living, our beaches and countrysides have had more people at them in a long time so it should now show more of an appreciation for the natural places. My area I love the most is the sea, it’s captivating, magical, mysterious yet challenging if not understood as like us has many moods but without it our life on this planet would not exist and that’s something that humanity needs to understand going forward and to protect future generations.

Little fish

It’s their world and for them we should protect it

To my family, my friends, nature, the ocean the things that keep me sane πŸ πŸ’™πŸŒŠπŸŒ