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A Conservation Journey🌏🐠🌊

Summer 2020 and I was invited down to my local dive site Scuba Dream at Eight Acre Lake by resident Course Director Steve Ousby. One of his goals was to push the dive site further along the conservation route.

The Dive site was already an 100% Aware centre so after meeting we felt that there was so much more we could achieve with my self leading the conservation efforts.

He was aware from my friend and who taught me to dive about my passion for the Oceans and it’s wonderful and mysterious wildlife and how passionate I was about wanting to share that passion with as many people as possible. We put a plan in place after meeting with the Scuba Dream team of what we wanted to achieve going forward, sadly restrictions have set some plans back but we still did a couple of dives and beach cleans with limited numbers, but with our cafe called ‘Nemo’s Den” which is run by a member of the Scuba Dream Team Jackie Dainty to which we are now very good friends managed to make some significant changes.

1, Removed plastic cutlery to wooden.

2, Sales went up on Re-fillable cups as we encouraged customers to use these at the drinks machine.

3, Eco-friendly packaging on food.

4, We put a recycling system in place for Bins.

5, Kathleen Teamed us up with an eco-friendly business that sells a whole range of eco-friendly products.

6, We made a conservation corner in the pavilion which is the area used for courses with the added feature of framed ocean pictures and advertising Diving.

7, Project Aware week we organised an event for each day with various age groups involved raising awareness for our Oceans and it’s amazing wildlife which helped us raise £126.00, events included Dive against Debris, Beach cleans, selling eco-friendly products, selling and encouraging the use of the re-fillable cups and Jackie and Andy Dainty organised a Treasure hunt raising £56.

My goal is to educate as many people as possible adults and children about the vital role our oceans play in all our lives. The children are the future it’s them now that can have a huge influence on changes which need to be made if the future is to be brighter. The Oceans have an incredible amount of challenges and a couple of the things close to me are the protection of sharks and Turtles. These incredible animals that have swam our oceans for millions of years are the history of the oceans, that is what drove me to particularly highlight these at our dive site. Making a shark corner in our project aware area giving new and existing divers a look into the sharks world and the threats they face.

I have up to Covid 19 been able to go in primary and secondary schools and give presentations to all year groups and staff giving them a view of ocean life and explaining the great need for it to be protected. The amazing Blue world provides so much yet the younger generations are still so unaware of the important role it plays giving us the oxygen to be able to breathe. I hope by talking to the future generations it plants a seed of thought and inspires them to also want to protect it.

Although I was asked to do the lead role and was more than happy to do it in the hope we can make the site even more eco-friendly and hopefully engage new divers to the watery world we love, it’s not just me behind me is a dedicated team of people which are all striving for the same goal which is to protect the Blue Heart of our planet and a quote I say is “I may be the maestro but to make the music you need an orchestra.

We are a dedicated Team and our journey continues to strive to protect our Oceans, our environments and our planet on a whole.

I Thank everyone that supports the efforts we are doing.

Everyone in the Scuba Dream Team.

My grandson is the future, it’s for him I strive to protect our amazing world.

Thank you for reading.

Nemo. 🌏🌊🐠🦈💙