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World Octopus Day 2020

Today is World Octopus day, most people won’t understand these amazing creatures, the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet, seen as part of a marine food chain to satisfy human greed. As carers of the Blue world you understand things in a more in-depth way, these amazing creatures can feel, calculate, form friendships, feel fear and pain, demonstrate intelligence yet we kill hundreds and hundreds. The giant pacific octopus is the largest. There are 300 species of Octopus and the smallest is the Octopus wolfi, the star-sucker pygmy octopus, is the smallest known octopus. These creatures are mythical and magical. Sadly Octopus do not have a very long life span between 3 to 5 years, the size of a Pacific Octopus is relative to that of a six foot man. The intelligence of an octopus has been proven by their ability to open jars, they can mimic other octopus and solve mazes in lab tests. They hunt at night eat shrimps ,clams ,lobsters and have been known to attack Sharks.

The smallest Octopus is the Octopus Wolfi its smaller than an inch and weighs less than a gram

The Octopus is also called the chameleons of the sea because of their amazing ability to change colour at the blink of an eye and blend in with their surroundings they are literally their own masters of disguise.

They belong to the order of Octopoda which is the Cephalopoda and is part of the phylum Mollusca meaning they are also mollusks.

An under estimated highly intelligent creature part of a web of life that makes everything work.

Hope you enjoyed reading.