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In the space of a few months of coming into 2020 nearly everyone’s lives have turned upside down because of covid 19. We now live in the “THE NEW NORM” gone are the things we take for granted, the hugs of loved ones we couldn’t have for what seemed like ages now only just been able to hug them wondering if you are going to cause harm (crazy).

The world is currently in an extremely vulnerable state, a little more than it already was because of climate change, ocean pollution, humans causing mass destruction land and sea across the globe.

So were did people keep their sanity, mostly nature and up until this point it was not on the forefront of everyone’s minds, its always been their but undervalued and under appreciated so as lock down came in the part of the world thats under so much threat people began to enjoy it. They would go out for their daily exercise and walks, for the first time in their busy lives notice the birds singing, the sun rising the quietness of nature which people had not paid much attention to was coming alive she was giving everyone in this crazy time A SENSE OF NORMALITY.

kestrel chilling

This is were Human and nature connects but sadly people do not still understand this connection Nature is vital for well being and health it kept everyone in a atate of normality

Surely you would think knowing this now spending time in something quite special would now be able to gain the understanding needed to want to protect it but sadly NO.

As keeps getting repeated the oceans are in alot of trouble and after around 7-8 weeks and restrictions began to ease, weather been good people headed for the beach and i myself made a mad dash but sadly the human impact was clearly visible their were shocking scenes been witnessed everywhere what our species was doing to this already fragile part of planet.

The oceans globally are facing challenge after challenge.plastics which is a huge massive global problem and is going to still need global efforts to combat it, their is ocean acidification, over fishing, illegal fishing, coral reef damage globally, habitat loss, mangrove damage, shark finning all of which is causing catastrophic impacts.

Everything is connected to the ocean even though people dont see or understand the connection we are. The water system on earth even recycles itself as the water evaporates of the ocean surface turns into clousds and comes back as rain, the sea is salty due to rocks and mountains, the weather and climate is governed by the oceans. The largest habitat on the planet is the ocean and its sadly the most under protected and over exploited part of this planet. Their is a quote said by Arthur C Clarke “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is Clearly Ocean.

There is more water on the planet than their is land. I fear for the next generations . Their is such a lack of understanding from the adults that are supposed to set the standard, their is a lack of education as the current curriculum hardly covers were the oxygen we breath comes from which really is some what important! Their is no basis to engage children with the natural world everything is academic.

If we are to have a better world then we really need to engage more with the environments around us and look after whats important. I find our rock we live on amazing how each day can bring so many different things, the sun how it rises and the colours it creates, the sun goes down once again with an array of colours , how the ocean consistently kisses the shore, the oceans different mood just as we have it can change in an instant from still and calm to wild and relentless. The array of wildlife that live on the planet land and sea.

Knowing all this makes me care and reading my blogs i hope it helps you understand this wonderful planet we all share and all have a connection with.

one of the simple beautiful things.

Thanks for reading and once again these blogs do not come without the support i have for my passion for the underwater world and our rock ….EARTH