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Diving, Deep sea diving, Scuba diving years ago was a mans world you wouldn’t hear of many women brave enough to do it. Majority of divers were male. Modern day now thats not the case and there are many women divers enjoying the underwater world sharing their adventures of how amazing it is.

In the scuba world its known that Dottie Frazier was the first women to claim to be the first female instructor and female hard hat diver this lady even made wet and dry suits for the navy.


I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to try to succeed in a male dominated world.

The legend for me and who i look up to is the legendary Sylvia Earle, she is the queen of the oceans, she is an icon, she is second to the legend himself Jack Cousteau. Her achievements are incredible, she is called her deepness for the National Geographic magazine, lady in residence, she was the first Chief scientist for NOAA, She is a pioneer for Deep Sea Submersibles. She has received more than a hundred national and international honours. She has worked tirelessly to create awareness for the underwater world even now at an age of nearly 84 she still goes underwater. My Biggest achievement has been ive actually been lucky enoug to ask her a question and speak to her…… amazing.



Jack Cousteaus wife Simone played a huge role in the scuba diving world but never really got any attention for what she did.


Their was another lady called Valerie Taylor,she was Australian and probably best known for her role in Jaws. Valerie and her Husband were among the first people to film Great white sharks without a cage…… all by accident, sadly Jaws is how Sharks came to get the bad name they got and a film Steven Speilberg now regrets making.

Theirs many women divers in the world now in a not so male dominated sport.

I love diving and love the underwater-world its amazing, i just wish lots more people could see it for what it is.

The salt water, the life underneath, the sun as it glistens and shines through from underneath, the busy underwater cities only understanding if your a diver, but its also above the water environment it has many benefits especially if your an over thinker like me, a walk on the beach listening to the waves can help rid you of what i call monkey mind, just the sound calms you.

To me diving and been part of this amazing adventure im on is important because diving gives you an escape, a place to forget everything especially who you are, for an hour or so nothing else matters other than listening to your own breath and the ability to just forget everything and everyone, but most importantly gives me the chance to share this world for all its fragility and how desperately it needs protecting from much of the human race, maybe due to ignorance and a lack of knowledge, but mostly because everyone is wrapped up in their own worlds and its not deemed important……which really it is because without the blue world there would be no green and no water no life…. NO US.