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World Turtle Day

So its arrived World Sea Turtle day, why do we have all these days of celebration well its not about celebrating its about highlighting the fact that there are so many things in need of protection and making people aware that conservation is so important especially with Human attitude today.

Your probably thinking their seems to be a day for everything but this is the only way problems in Nature can be highlighted and hope people will take notice. Wildlife in particular needs an awful lot of help from us what are supposed to be the most intelligent species to help look after the planet the blue, the green all the things needed to keep the planet healthy.

Turtles have been on the planet for millions of years a lot longer than humans, infact estimate is around 220 million years..The earliest known turtle fossils are from the Triassic period. There are many different species of Tortoises and Turtles. There are seven species of Sea Turtles each one different but all according to the (IUCN) international union of the conservation of nature are either endangered, vulnerable or critically endangered that means if we do no do something then there is a chance they will disappear.

Did you know in 1968 a pair of Russian tortoises went to space they got launched in a spacecraft called Zond 5 it was the first spacecraft to orbit the moon. The tortoises both survived other than they lost 10 percent of their body weight.

Turtles are great ocean wanderers and swim for many millions of miles but today are facing many threats habitat loss ,plastic pollution ,illegal egg poaching.they get hunted for their shells especially the hawks-bills because of their stunning shell, climate change is causing Temperature changes in the sand which is not good because if the sand is warmer you get more females which is a problem causing no males which are needed if we need better turtle populations, they get trapped in fishing nets so by raising awareness about all their challenges we can implement change enabling us to give them a brighter future so they really need humans to help them.

Our species has tipped the scales in our attitudes towards nature, the planet we seem to think everything is just for us, we do not seem to want to share the planet with anything else, when it has as much right to be here as us if not more.

Turtles are one of the worlds most ancient species we owe it to them to protect them not just on World Turtle Day but everyday.