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World Oceans Day, lock-down & Diving……Again.

As i write this with only a day to go till World Oceans Day i must admit its with a glint in my eye and excitement in my belly that on this special day we can get back in the water. Divers across the globe have been landlocked for best part of 12 weeks so for us to feel the ocean above us again with bubbles blowing is going to feel amazing and what a great day to do WORLD OCEANS DAY. So yes i have to admit feeling very excited,

World oceans day 2020.
A year of turbulence and maybe a year of change. Nature has never been so needed as she has these last few months. but as a species has man learnt from it or do we continue to be the selfish race we are?

Today could mark a push forward for change a massive change. Let’s learn how to appreciate our natural world and oceans. We can all do this together let’s spread the word and push for change. Lets help to inspire others to care and by knowing you can care you understand and understanding gives you power to help others. Be the voice in a muffled world, be the change society needs, be a blue heart💙

This year I feel World Oceans Day should be a bit extra special because of what the world has been through with the pandemic Covid 19.
For the best part of six weeks we were told to stay home and to only go out when necessary. The beaches were closed and being unable to participate in Scuba diving was awful but told myself it’s only temporary and to get a grip because the ocean, the planet, the environments around the world we’re taking a huge sigh of relief from human pressures.

This pandemic I hope will open peoples eyes to the world around them and see how beautiful our world is. Maybe now people will see life like they haven’t seen it before.
This is why I feel this years World Oceans Day 2020 is so special. This lock-down has given people more time to engage with nature and to enjoy the world around them. Is it more in their mind now to want to protect it more than they did before?

The UK weather has been great so it’s helped a lot especially to enjoy our natural world what a lot of people don’t understand is it’s good for the mind and body, it’s medicine its therapy to a troubled mind. If you have found yourself enjoying our planet and nature’s amazing miracles then please dive in and encourage others to protect this blue Rock we share the planet with which is all life human and animal.

Our club pushes conservation but its with efforts of all to put plans in place and push to help people understand diving and the oceans.

So looking forward my advice would be …. be a positive influence, strive for change and follow your passion love nature i have done 5 pledges which are free to share you can hashtag them to #beablueheart.

#when I’m at the beach I pledge to only leave footprints in the sand

#i pledge to spend more time learning about nature

#i pledge to respect the earth and all its inhabitants

#i pledge to educate myself about sharks the worlds most vulnerable animal

#i pledge to see how my fish and chip supper has been sourced

Thanks NEMO And TOM