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Oceans Future Matters, and my little Fish.

The ocean reminds me how small i really am on this vast planet. Its mysterious and changes its moods just as we do. The seas are a world in themselves. On the 8th june 2020 it is World Oceans Day giving us chance to share our knowledge and better understand and educate people and the next generations about the magical blue world. Life in the sea is an ever wondering mystery.

Emily and meg some ocean therapy in lockdown

Its so important that the next generations coming through understand how important the blue world is, so i always try to get my daughter and family down to the beach, even on days sometimes they dont want to but appreciate it afterwards. You see the ocean is Medicine in itself, it relaxes the mind, if your feeling stressed the sound of the waves crashing on the shore can ease a stressed mind which is important for our well being and mental health.

Alot of people are still unaware but underneath that big mass of blue their are plants and animals that help fight against disease and help with our health. Also the ocean can lift your mood help your heart rate and help you relax.

For me the ocean is a place i love to be near. We went into lock-down on 23rd March told we had to stay home no travel if not needed, i dont live that far away from a beach and hated the thought that we couldn’t go so for the best part of seven weeks no ocean therapy for me. As an ocean loving person i found this very difficult with not been able to see my family and Beautiful grandson who i call little fish, not been able to dive ive found it difficult not to feel like Im going insane so kept busy doing lots of other positive things.


The joys of baby sitting been able to take him to our local Aquarium he really loved watching these i just hope the world is a better place for him when he is older than it is now.

So as you can imagine like other grandparents not been able to spend time with the precious darlings has been difficult.

As world ocean day approaches and a chance to hope people can see the ocean in a different way its mad that we call our planet earth when its mostly water so really we should learn to swim. My advice to see why our seas matter is think about how you are able to breath, ask yourself do you feel better after a walk along the shore, if you eat fish, do you enjoy water sports, scuba diving all these things contribute to a healthy ocean.

If you cant be near the ocean close your eyes and think of the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, picture yourself with the sand beneath you and see if it helps you feel a bit more chilled. The ocean is critical to all of us for lots of reasons but above anything she supports all life on earth.