30th March 2020 0 Comments Uncategorised

Thinking of our Futures, amongst the madness of this crazy world in crisis.

We are at a critical point now in all our lives something most have never experienced whats happening right now with the corona virus. Its put the world at a standstill, shops are closed, the thing we are most used to our freedom taken away from us purely to protect us. Moving forward what lessons can we learn from this torment we are all now facing.

In our favour we have the wonders of technology to keep in touch with each other and more so now to gain knowledge about our planet and the amazing life and creatures we share with it.

Its now we need to change our attitudes and the attitudes of the younger generation because if we do not we will end up with more catastrophes like what we are facing now. We are killing our natural world, destroying wildlife, It shouldnt have to be put in law to protect our planet its COMMON SENSE.

Open our eyes and see the natural world only then do you feel it once you feel it you understand why its important. Nowadays there is more access than ever to see the natural world through photos.

W e are all connected to the natural world and we need it and its like President Kennedy Said “All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean and therefore we have salt in our blood ,in our sweat,in our tears. We are tied to the ocean and when we go back to the sea-whether it is to sail or to watch it-we are going back to whence we came”

Lessons learned from this awful situation we have all found ourselves in is to not take things for granted, stop thinking our planet is an endless resource, take better care of our wildlife and respect it needs its space just as we do, treasure the important things the things we hold dear like family by adopting and changing our thoughts we can save human kind because its now because we cant see the people we love and do the things we most like doing we understand how important they are.

The human race isn’t all bad its just a few,our planet is a treasure and a treasure worth saving.