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The Ocean,The Captivating Wonder, Deep sea monsters and Pirates.

The sea is full of great mystery and for years it was feared with talks amongst seafarers of monsters hiding in the Deep .Tales of strange monsters and mermaids. Talks of pirates, pirates were feared at sea and were ever there is ocean and ships their will be pirates. Then the terrors of the deep, sailors would talk strange monsters and people were struck by fear.

 People and fear well once that seed is put there it’s hard to change people’s minds, but people fear the unknown. The sea is a formidable place with moods that change very quickly so it must require huge respect. The waves can be calm and then a raging storm can appear creating huge crashing waves with powerful force. The lure of the sea is to some irresistible (including me) it is as Jack Cousteau said pulls you in to its net of wonder💙it may only be water but it’s the essence of life which provides so much for all life.

The spirit of the sea provides the wind, the rain, the sun everything nature needs all in one force .The sea is the Heart of life to some it can be a refuge and a sanctuary a place to calm a busy mind or to sail and explore the world. The sea or ocean had many years of not been noticed never in the thoughts of people it was always seen as untouchable but now she has changed from the monsters of the planet Humans!! We’ve always been arrogant thinking we are above everything nothing will touch our power but the sea is now a chaotic mess from human hands it’s our duty to protect and look after her for she is everything we need 🌏🌊💙

I am water i am a fish I am drawn to the BLUE WORLD. LETS LOOK AFTER HER.