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Ocean spirit


I feel i have a deep connection to the ocean its for me one of the most fascinating places on our beautiful planet, this Blue world thats so complex its only the last century that we have begun to understand it and how everything works together. A picture was taken from space of our planet for the first time people saw our planet in its true glory.
Taken on 24th December 1968

We know more about space than we do about our oceans. They are a complex web of life and everything is connected to everything to make life all life on this planet possible. The ocean is a weird and wonderful place and spectacular in so many ways in ways beyond imagination can even let you think. I call the ocean she because to me she is Nature, she is what drives the planet, she is what makes everything work and to make all life survive.


The Ocean is really our world Bank because she gives us what we need she controls and regulates the climate and temperature, resources we use on the planet from mining to fishing, she gives us the oxygen we need to breathe ,she covers over 97 percent of our planets surface and most of the living world on the planet is in our oceans.

Having a deep passion for something you learn about it, the more fascinating it is the more you want to understand it. Maybe if 50 years ago people cared more about the environment we would be in a better state now and our oceans wouldn’t be having to face the challenges they do today from human impact. So many species under threat mostly from human activity but we have the power and the knowledge to change things if we want to years ago we didn’t. Marine life in the oceans has to contend with so many things plastic, deep sea mining, pollution in so many ways from land and sea from ships dropping their trash, Then the amount of sea traffic on our seas, there is nothing we will stop at to gain for our own selfish greed and not giving any thought to the consequences of our Actions.

,Discarded Fishing ropes are one of he major causes of animal strandings and entanglements and balloons are also a cause of problems foe wildlife.

Its so important now looking to the future that we get our younger generations engaged with wildlife get them in the great outdoors so they can appreciate the wildlife on land and on sea. We need to help them understand why is all so important and how really each and everyone of us is connected to Nature only then can we put the steps in place to make nature work with us and us not against her.

So why do i find this blue place so special well as i said its fascinating, intriguing, full of many different creatures and whats more fascinating is how the tiniest animal in the ocean the microscopic creatures that you cant see with a naked eye feed some of the biggest animals like The Blue Whale, The Whale Shark and the Humpback whale.

Going into the water and been able to breathe under there is an amazing feeling but its the feeling of been able to get away from it all and forget for just a short amount of time life above the stresses and strains of life and the everyday rut you can just forget all about it. I actually get lost im not me, on land I am constantly on the go rushing round getting things done I don’t even sit down for to long so the ability to lose that person is for me the best feeling in the world but its also about the wildlife and the marine life under there.

So us humans now have a lot of work to do to put past wrongs right and if anything is to change for the good of the future we have to work very hard in our community’s,councils,push our governments but more importantly push to put people in power that care and want to implement change. EDUCATE TO HELP THEM LISTEN AND LEARN TO GIVE KNOWLEDGE-GIVING THEM THE TRUTH TO INSPIRE CHANGE TO THEN CARE