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Scuba Doo Time North Wales


Wales Scuba Seal and fish fun🐬🐠💙🌊🌏

Each animal has its place a reason to be we’re it is. I’ve seen some beauty this weekend 6/7/8th September in North wales above and under the sea a world I love. Giant kelp, seaweed, sand, turquoise waters, lobsters,colored wrasse,crabs, starfish different colors,lots of different other fish, sea anemone, picked up trash under the sea not at all surprised at finding some.
We started our dives Saturday lunchtime at Ravenspoint what a beautiful place.

All excited and ready to go we set of beautiful turquoise water visibility around 6-8 metre enough to see were we were going. Giant sea kelp swimming through forests of green with sand beneath us. Scattered all over the floor were shells different little top shells that glistened with the suns rays beating down. We saw coloured wrasse that probably would look better in tropical waters there eyes looking at you as they dart past you. Coming back up for a break and vasil taking the stones out of his BCD 😂 to keep him weighted down we got ready for dive 2.
Checks all done and off we went.

Heading in the opposite direction was very different still wrasse and various fish swimming along with crabs scuttling along the seabed. Then we started to see various bits of Trash first thing was an old torch. Then it was the discarded fishing net along with cans been there that long they’ve grown hair (algae). Also a lens what looks from pair of Binoculars.

Carrying on fishing lines, vasil picked an old padlock up, a coke can with seaweed in it.

You have to look carefully before removing trash although it shouldn’t be in there animals will make their homes in it as it gathers algae so you have to be mindful your not making a creature homeless. Then we came across a lobster pot and creatures were in it, to my frustration I couldn’t open it then vasil grabbed my attention and under the rock was a spotted lobster. We carried on searching through the underwater world and It frustrates me that our fishing industries are a major player in our oceans yet they don’t take the care needed although it’s their livelihoods to keep the fishing sustainable and care needed whilst using the different types of fishing methods.

Really enjoyed the two dives during the day the weather was good with a good group of people and enjoying the watery world.

Various bits what looked to be of boats steel and plastic.

After getting back to camp after two exhilarating dives we ate and got ready for what was going to be the night dive. This was going to be my first dive so was feeling excited not really nervous. I knew I would be safe because I was with The gang.

Everyone got in from a big stride and it was quite a jump but after stew jumped in he had to get out he had cramped up so sadly he could not carry on so the meerkats set of (vas’s I’ll and illyad). I jumped in and me and Tom made our descent into the very dark waters with our torches. I did feel quite nervous at first I couldn’t descend but then started to sink Tom helped by holding my hand at first it was feeling ok and the suit started to feel uncomfortable even though I was putting air in top half was ok but my legs were feeling like there been crushed, Tom was also feeling uncomfortable due to feeling he had to much weight we came up and got our breath and Tom asked if I wanted to abort the dive but I said NO will try again as felt it wouldn’t be fair for him to miss out.

We went down again managed about 13 metres and my suit still didn’t feel right and neither did Tom so again we came back up and I took the weights out the back of the cylinder Tom was carrying did the signal to go down and again we tried. This time as sinking down equalising and putting air in my suit still could not release the pressure I signalled to come up it just didn’t feel right I felt bad for Tom more than myself but as always he assures me

I honestly can’t Thank this man enough for everything he has and is teaching me in the world I love I never feel unsafe with him or any of the group I’m with we look out for each other.👌🐠🌏

Tom Teaching me everything i need to be a good diver.

Time for some rest after a very exciting exhausting day.

Sunday morning was extra special diving at puffin island. Cold from been on the rig after an hours ride we arrived all of us cold from the wind.

The boat stopped and we kitted up all ready to fall backwards into the watery world below. In we went visibility wasn’t brilliant but enough to see a little in front and below.
Swimming near the bottom and over the kelp and rocks around was a mixture of life purple anemones on the rocks dark green and light green seaweed scattered everywhere The current got a bit choppy at some points but we kept going just marveling what was around and below. Crustaceans and then I saw the Dogfish shark what a marvelous looking animal his or her color was grey with black patches just laid on a rock and he or she just let me look at him (amazing) then some more swam next and below us there were lots of them and made me feel happy as I know they are a species in trouble due to over fishing and been sold as rock fish in chip shops when it’s actually shark.
They just glided past us with such grace then there’s us swimming closely trying to keep together. Amongst the rocks there were tiny and large starfish mostly yellows and whites clinging to their rocks or laying on the sea floor. As we were low you had to be conscious of trying not to catch anything also. As we kept checking our air we needed to think about going up feeling a little gutted at this point as no seals had crossed our path underwater we started to ascend and as I did a memory that will stick with me forever my head popped out the water and I had two stunningly beautiful two big black eyes watching me my regulator dropped out we glimpsed at each other and my heart melted he was only a few arms length away I could see his patches his whiskers how big he was it was incredible such beauty, my snorkel came out and I shouted to the boys did you see him.

He dived bombed under the water I quickly put my regulator back in my mouth to see if I could see him all I saw was a shadow so I popped back up and there were more just watching us stew was behind shouting there’s one behind you but wasn’t quick enough, before we knew it vas and stew had headed back to the boat and me and illyad were in the middle of the sea we couldn’t stop laughing every were we looked seals kept popping up to check us out we were surrounded it was brilliant close enough for us to see other but they kept far enough for us not to spook them.

It was just pure magic we spent an hour on the rig getting us to puffin island and it was cold but once we got their and saw them your Adrenalin kicks in getting excited about getting in the water at the end whilst in the water surrounded by them me and illyad never gave been cold a thought it was only once back on the boat. Sadly Tom could not make Sunday which was quit gutting due to been in pain with his shoulder so spent the morning tucked under a duvet rather than underwater. I always say thankyou to my family who are by my side, the people I am with and the man above who keeps me safe.

It was a fantastic and loved every minute of it scuba#fun#sun#salt#seaweed🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐬🌎🐠🌊💙
Let’s not forget what our blue world does she gives us the breath we breathe, regulates the planets climate and temperature and is the source for all life.