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Today myself and a student Becky caley whom wanted to come and see how im trying to help
students understand the Blue world i love and why its important.

Myself and caley

The ages of the students were from 11 to 15 a crucial age if we want to impact any change
and hope for a better planet. Education i believe is the way forward and my only hope out of the 900 students today we planted the seed of thought in a few and inspire them to want to inspire others. In a world were change is imperative to human survival time to engage them is now. All students were focused so that shows me they did find it interesting.

We shared with them the importance of why you should look after and respect your environment because if we do not our actions are creating grave consequences for the wild and marine life but what they didn’t know by these actions its also affecting our dependence
on the blue world the blue economy. People across the world rely on a healthy ocean.
Showing them some of the amazing creatures that live in the oceans and how were impacting their world with plastics was hopefully an eye opener for them to hopefully understand it better than they did before.
My only hope is that it inspires them to care about the world i love and want to protect for all future generations.