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My Favourite World

The blue world the place I love. We treat the ocean like it’s commodity’s it’s ours to abuse the fish the drilling of oil. It’s not, its a living habitat is the largest on the planet with amazing life. We search we destroy not thinking of the consequences of our actions and attitudes. Pollution, overfishing, climate change all what us the human species are inflicting on a world that’s not just for us to abuse. Underwater life, fish are intelligent but not seen as intelligent (there’s a few intelligent people on Topside) us humans believe nothing is as intelligent as us but this is not true we are not the higher species we are part of all species which have their own individual intelligence.Our forests our oceans our planet is not the endless resource humans think it is because something seems big it won’t deplete IT WILL. It’s time to start to see creatures on land and in the sea not for us as entertainment  and food see them for the really true value they are. It takes 10 years for a grouper to grow it takes 14 years for blue fin tuna to grow it takes 15 years for a great white and we decimate them in minutes.The quantity of the fish is going down so if fishermen want a prosperous future look after what’s left now don’t destroy habitats give them a chance to grow otherwise the nets will be hanging up for good because there will be nothing left.