26th February 2019 0 Comments Plastic



Looks beautiful doesn’t it. These islands are now part of Australia in the Indian ocean. There is now a problem with paradise. Plastic is been washed up from miles away on these islands on a daily basis these islands are a place you wouldn’t expect to find this but its happening and creating massive problems.
The Island is in the convergence path of a number of major ocean systems. The three currents Indonesia Through-flow, South Ecuador current, Eastern Gyral Current.

Plastic lands on the beaches everyday with each tide more plastic comes in. All items found get put into the Australian Marine debris data base, it gets categorised and logged. It holds at least 7. million entries if not more keeping all the data of all the pollution.

The plastic problem is under estimated. A typical volunteer beach clean misses up to 80% of the pollution of plastic.
There inundated with plastic not from them. Scientists believe these islands could be key to understanding the plastic problem due to its location and currents.