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Archbishop Sentamu Academy Presentation

WEEK COM 4/2/19 TO 8/2/19

This is Benny he is one of my mascots he loves nothing more than chilling on the beach on his deck chair

Two students holding various items they can swap to which are easy and inexpensive to change to. Showing them and giving them ideas helps them make better choices.

All set and ready to start
Our presentations are quite simple and easy to understand for young people.
Matthew from Hull City Council will explain the importance of making sure litter is disposed of correctly and teach them how and what needs to be recycled.
I wanted to go to this school has next to it there is a drain to which a drain leads to a river and rivers leads to oceans but if these drains fill up with rubbish it ends up in the ocean.

After speaking with 1200 students over the course of a week my hope is that something positive has been left behind and we left a seed of thought something for them to think about because it involves their futures and maybe inspired them to care just a little bit more.

I believe the biggest shock was the impact as humans we are having on the wildlife the number of children that are unaware whats happening in the oceans but not just the oceans the planet aswell.
I believe the best way forward is implementing this NOW in the school curriculum so it can be learned about in a consistent way if we have any chance of change.

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