6th February 2019 0 Comments Presentations

Priory Road baptist

FRIDAY 1/02/2019

So this evening we were invited to do a presentation to a few children age range between 3 to 14. We are trying to educate the young minds of tomorrow why its so important to look after our enviroment, planet and oceans which im very passionate about.

Along with explaining about all the challenges our planet and oceans face because of human impact we try to give them a insight in to changes they can make little simple changes that can have a massive impact.

We have spcial lunchboxes to show them which are compact and can their lunch in quite easy like this one below all designed by Smash Enterprizes.

We also tell them about the stainless steel straw,bamboo,paper and collapsable straw simple changes that are inexpensive.

in all was a good evening which opened a few more eyes of the younger generations that can implement change

And what a lovely young man this was so interested in wanting to learn but also a very bright young man super night