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Nemos world of wonder

Welcome to the underwater world and why i find its so fascinating. I remember from a young age always wondering what was out in the big blue younder. On a school trip aged around 12 we went to a seaside resort called Robin Hoods Bay. The tide was out and it was rockpools everywere with varieties of little fish and craps watching all these creatures move about and the shell collecting was the best thing i was doing and did not want to come of the Beach. My dad was always mesmerized by space but i always wanted to know about whats in the blue world and what is was like.

I used to think the bottom of the ocean is were space began but when your young your mind thinks allsorts until you begin to learn. I knew one day i would make it my mission to do just that.

Having a passion for nature and wildlife steered me on my course and years later, educating myself and gaining information i started to learn more about the wild and marine life in our oceans and its breathtaking.

I began to notice the blue world was having proplems and knew it needed a voice people had no interest in this blob of blue stuff that the world just took for granted i knew then it was a mission to speak for the blue world and the life thats in it and my mission began.