23rd January 2019 0 Comments Turtles

Leatherback Turtle


NEVER GIVE UP this one will have had that spirit to survive a 1 percent survival rate.

The Leatherback or the Luth. The largest of all turtles. They grow up to around 2metres in length and can weigh up to 900kg which is roughly 1984 pounds. There shell isnt hard its leathery so its soft and flexible. The Leatherback unlike the other turtles can survive longer in cold water as there equipped with a thick layer of blubber and a unique blood system it loses less heat to its surroundings and maintains a higher core temperature. They can dive deeper than any of the other turtles .These amazing creatures have been around for around 100 million years.There futures are in danger and need our help. Due to illegal egg poaching on the beaches, pollution, accidental capture. How can you help you can learn about them join conservation groups speak up for these amazing creatures and be their voice. Thankfully these creatures from good people around the globe are getting attention to bring there plight to the puplic domain.

Above hes escourted by a group of pilot fish