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Bude Primary School

Hi Nicky, 

All the children have been talking about your assembly. I jotted down the following comments: 

I liked the videos because they told the story of how bad plastic and littering is.    Perry 

I loved the fish swimming around at the beginning.        Kaleb

I felt upset as seeing how turtles and whale fish and animals can die. So I’ll always pick up litter so I know I’ve maybe saved  lives. 
Olivia W 

I think I learnt a lesson as lots of fish and animals are endangered and we could do more about it.     Scarlet 

It was really informative. We don’t get told about this stuff. The videos were funny but educational. We need to recycle more and not chuck stuff in the bin.     Katie

I learnt about plastic in fish and whales.    Olivia M

The fish swimming around the coral at the start was awesome. I saw a fish like Nemo. Andreja

It made me think not to litter because of how it affects fish and animals.     Rio

Thank you again for an amazing assembly.

Liz Smith

Achievement Support Assistant 
Bude Park Primary School Hull

Above is the feedback from the primary school and we were very pleased with it.