2 days, 2 presentations, 470 students.

A phone call came through from Winifred Holtby Academy on Monday 6th June Nicky could you come and do a couple of talks to the students for us please maybe Thursday Friday in connection with World Oceans Day 8th June. I was not at my other Job so I was free to be able to do it. I’m really enthusiastic about helping this Academy because there really trying to engage the pupils into the environment and it’s importance.

When covid hit it stopped me going into schools and engaging with the younger students so I jumped at the chance to be able to tell them about the world I’m so passionate about the blue world.

Egypt Red Sea

I believe it’s important for students in education now to know we’re the air they breathe comes from, know that the blue world and it’s life below are in serious trouble because human impact is having grave consequences because of our attitudes towards it, it’s purely a lot because there unaware as think it doesn’t affect them which then also causes ignorance, if you don’t tell them they won’t have the chance to understand but if you do tell them they can make the choice to understand. It’s about learning to care.

Explaining how the largest living habitat on earth works for all of us and giving them a view of the underwater world through my eyes I hope helps them imagine what a beautiful, weird, wonderful but fragile place it is, also helping them understand that us the human being has the power to change the course of the ocean by powering change that we are all connected to it by what she provides to all life.

The human signature is imprinted on the world now by what we have done and what we’re doing. We have changed the planet more in the last 200 years. We use chemicals that nature doesn’t use. The ocean is the governing part which plays a big part in the way the planet works.

Man has the capacity to change the world we can but need the will, determination and chance to make the world a better place.

There isn’t plenty of everything anymore but they can be if we look after it now to provide for future.

Diving is my passion, conservation is my purpose.

The future is in the next generation and we all have a duty to do something to be thankful for what we have

Thanks for reading……. Love the ocean I am your breath, your wind, your rain, your storms, I am life